In a wish to offer the true benefits of comfort to our users, as well as the luxury expected by the most demanding customers, the Viola mattress is designed in a way to present an ideal combination of technology and natural materials. By using high-quality natural materials and coconut fibers that neutralize humidity form the outer layers of the mattress, we are ensuring the healthiest possible environment for sleep. The layer of memory foam stimulates circulation and ensures the maximum body relaxation. The summer, and specially the winter side of the mattress are enriched with wool as a natural isolator, and will satisfy any individual need or habit of the users. The story of supreme comfort is rounded up by the gentle and pleasant final cloth with lavender extracts which sooth, relax and release tension.


- Height of mattress: 26 cm

- unique combination of pocketed springs, coconut fibers, PU and memory foam

- winter side enriched with wool

- final cloth treated with lavender extracts

- airy 3D stripe for beter air circulation

- PU foam reinforcements


The springs in the pocket made of patented steel wire thickness of 1.8 mm, both sides nonwovens 100 g/m² and a layer of coconut fiber 1500 g/m², on one side of the mattress PU foam S-25 kg/m³, the other side of memory foam VS 50 kg/m³. The core of the mattress on the sides further reinforced steel HVT elastic tape and PU foam with S-25 kg/m3.


Final fabric treated with extracts of lavender, the punch, the following hand koflin 200 g/m², foamed material foil So 25 kg/m³, nonwovens 17 g/m², with winter by konflin 100 g/m², a layer of wool 300 g/m², foamed material foil So 25 kg/m³, nonwovens 17 g/m².


Slika preseka


1. Final fabric with essence of lavender

2. Memory foam VS 50 kg/m³;

3. PU foam S-25 kg/m³

4. A layer of coconut fiber 1500 gr/m²

5. Non-woven fabric 100 g/m²

6. The springs in the pocket

7. Reinforcements of PU foamwith S-25 kg/m³

8. 3D strips

  • Bed’s lining on which the mattress is placed should be perforated so that air can circulate continuously around the mattress and keep it well ventilated.
  • The mattress and bed base must be properly installed. Incorrect installation can damage the mattress.
  • In use and during transport the mattress must not be folded and wrapped while rotating .
  • Jumping on the mattress is highly forbidden.
  • Svaki dušek ima svoje uputstvo za održavanje kojeg se treba pridržavati.
  • For the purpose of ventilation and equal load of the upper and lower part of the mattress be sure to rotate the mattress once a month in the direction of headboard-footboard, face sides. Handrails on the mattress are used for positioning, not carrying the mattress.
  • Often airing of bedroom and mattresses (without bedding or any other protection) will prevent the accumulation of moisture due to perspiration, odor, dirt and other things.
  • When using the mattress be sure to protect it with blanket, bed sheets, waterproof cover or additional futon. Maintaining proper hygiene prolongs the life of the mattress.
  • Keep your mattress always clean. It is best to vacuum it from time to time with regular vacuum cleaner to remove dust. To avoid damage of the mattress do not use vacuum cleaners of high suction power and steam devices.
  • The mattress must not be moistened with water or some other liquid. However, if the cleaning is needed, and the cover is not self-removed, apply foam of a mild soap on the stained area using a wet mop or sponge, and then wipe the cleaned area with a dry mop. The wiped spot should be dried on an aerated place, never next to some source of heat or sun.


Dimensions, technical characteristics and prices of the product are based on informations available at the moment of notification. Please re-check all informations at our closest shop.

190x80 (90,100,140,160,180) cm
200x80 (90,100,140 160,180) cm
* Ability to produce in other sizes on request.
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